12 Dec 2022

As we head into the Christmas period, it’s important that we remain alert to the dangers of fire. As a reminder, follow these simple but important rules to make sure we keep ourselves and our property safe all year round:



• Test your fire/ smoke detectors regularly and report any faults to Comhar Services Centre

• A fire safety check before you go to bed. 

• Make sure you know the quickest route from your home to the muster point away from the apartments 

• If any member of the household has a disability that may effect their evacuation, make plans in advance for their safe evacuation. As an Oaklee Housing tenant, you must make your housing officer aware of their needs.

• Make sure you know where the provided fire blanket is and keep it close to hand in the kitchen.

• Empty ashtrays before you go to bed. Run the contents under the tap before you bin them. 

• Close all doors at night especially from the kitchen and living room.


• Smoke when you are in bed, tired or on medication. 

• Leave the room when there are candles burning.

• Leave matches and lighters where children can get them. 

• Use chip pans. They can easily catch fire. We recommend that you use a deep fat or air fryer instead. 

• Overload electric sockets – one socket, one plug.

• Use faulty electric appliances. Repair or replace electrical appliances immediately.

• Run electrical appliances from a light socket.

• The use of BBQ’s and fire-pits on balconies is strictly not permitted.



• An artificial tree is safer than a real tree as it’s fire-resistant, but make sure it’s got a genuine CE mark

• Use low energy, low heat LED Christmas tree lights

• Before re-using the lights from last year check for frays or kinks and if you find any don’t use them! 

• Remember to unplug your Christmas lights when you’re out or go to bed.



Leave the property and call the fire services as soon as possible.

Plan for a safe place in case you cannot get out of the house. Make sure there is a phone or personal alert in the room to call for help. Make sure there is a window so you can either get out or call for help. Stay by the window if you can’t get out. Close the door and seal the bottom with towels or blankets to stop smoke getting in. 

Don’t go back into a burning building for any reason.

For more great tips, SEARCH Fire Safety at Christmas | Dublin City Council

To read our comprehensive fire safety guide, click on the following link: https://www.oaklee.ie/tenant-tools/oaklee-housing-tenant-information-leaflets

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