Oaklee Resident Engagement Strategy Launch

Driven by the need to ensure that the resident’s voice is central to the continuous improvement of the services provided by Oaklee, this 3-year strategy sets out a robust 14 point action plan that will not only help shape it’s future but strives to build stronger, more sustainable communities. Speaking at the event, Oaklee CEO, Sharon Cosgrove said, “We have been fortunate enough to have always had a dedicated Resident Forum. And while it’s members may come and go, their enthusiasm and dedication to ensuring our residents have a strong voice is relentless.

This document is a testament to that cause. It is the culmination of many months of hard work, building on the efforts of previous Resident Fora and reaffirms our commitment to our residents and their communities.” Dr Robbie Sinnott, Chairperson of the Oaklee Resident Forum, remarked, “This 3-year Resident Engagement Strategy is written by both Oaklee and us, the residents. It promises to give residents a stronger input into how Oaklee designs and delivers its services. It sets out how we can continue to develop resident participation in decision making and improve the housing services we receive.’ “The success of this strategy,” according to recently appointed Resident Engagement Manager for Oaklee, Richard Mealey, “relies on the active participation and involvement of our residents. I am confident that the range of opportunities that this strategy offers will appeal to our diverse community of residents and so ensure its successful implementation.

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