06 Jan 2021

Service Update for Oaklee tenants following further Covid restrictions

Covid-19 Lockdown Restrictions

From midnight tonight, Wednesday 6th January, further level 5 restriction will be implemented nationally.

The 5km movement restriction remains in place as does the call to limit your social interactions. For the complete detail of these latestrestrictions go to www.gov.ie


Our Services

For the time being, only emergency maintenance and repairs can take place. If you need to report an emergency repair or report a fault you can still do so by contacting our Customer Service Centre by phone on 01 4002650

For those of you living in our sheltered accommodation, your scheme co-ordinator is still available to you but will limit, except in cases of emergency, face-to-face contact. Our team will continue to be extra vigilant when it comes to your health and safety and will continue to wear personal protective equipment.


Covid 19 Helplines and Community Resources

Should you need help beyond the services of Oaklee Housing, the contact details of the Local Authority Covid 19 helplines and community resources published here on April 13th are still relevant and active. Click here to read: https://www.oaklee.ie/news/2020/april/covid-19-helplines-communtity-resources-contact-details


Payment of your rent
As with the previous lockdowns, it is important that you continue to pay your rent as usual, however, if you are experiencing financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19 then please make contact with your Housing Officer through the Oaklee Services Centre on 01- 4002650 or by email at servicescentre@oakleehousing.ie

If you are entitled to the recently updated unemployment benefits, please search Covid 19 pandemic unemployment payment or copy the following address and paste it into your browser: 


Our advice to you
It is really important at this time that you remain calm, stay informed and follow the government and HSE guidelines.
For further information in relation to COVID 19  visit either the HSE website at HSE.ie or the Government website at gov.ie
And remember: Practice Social Distancing - Wash Your Hands Often – Stay Safe.

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